Available Mid May to Mid June


Wendy: An early season strawberry, Wendy, is a flavorful choice that is delicious both fresh and frozen. Fruit are large with a wedge or conical shape and firm enough for easy picking and transport.


Jewel: As a mid-season berry, this popular strawberry is large with superb quality and flavor.


Darselect: Another mid-season berry, Darselect is a sweet, tasty strawberry with excellent flavor and firmness.  This strawberry is also very eye appealing with a very beautiful dark red color with a good shape and size.


Cabot: This strawberry is known for its large berries and excellent flavor. The berries are easy to pick and firm, so squashed and soggy fruit should not be a problem. Sure to become a favorite fresh, frozen or preserved!


Clancy: A late mid-season berry, Clancy is round and conical in shape with a dark red color and a wonderful flavor similar to Jewel.