Available in October


Carving: Our popular orange pumpkin varieties range in size from 10-50+ pounds. All have large cavities and they come in all shapes and sizes with strong handles. While carving pumpkins can be eaten, they are not the tastiest and we recommend them for decorating only.


New Moon and Full Moon: Uniform bright white carving pumpkins with smooth skin, light  flesh and a strong handle. Good decorative pumpkins than range from 22-75 pounds in size.

Porcelain Doll: Large smooth, glossy pink/peach pumpkins for your fall decorating. Large ribs in a perfect pumpkin shape. 15-25 lbs.


Indian Doll: Medium smooth, peach/red pumpkin with large ribs.  Wonderful for decorating. 15-20 lbs.


Blue Doll: Large smooth, glossy blue/gray pumpkin gives a wonderful contrast to your orange pumpkins. Decorative use. 15-25 lbs.


Miniatures: Includes 3-4" orange, white, striped and mottled varieties, as well as small 5-8" traditionally shaped pumpkins and other novelty varieties. Perfect size for decorating your table.


Heirloom Pumpkins


Rouge vif D'Etampes (Cinderella): 10-15 pound deep orange-red pumpkin with a flattened shape and deep ribs, great for decorating and pies, sweet orange flesh. Most common pumpkin in the Central Market in Paris in the 1880's.


Jarrahdale: Slate-grey, heavily ribbed 6-10 pound pumpkin excellent for decorating and cooking, sweet, smooth, orange flesh. An Australian favorite.


Musquee De Provence (Fairytale): French heirloom variety, with dark green skin turning to bronze as it ages, is heavily scalloped with a flattened shape.  15 pound pumpkin is a lovely decoration, and has a thick fine flesh that is delicious flesh for baking.


Galeux D'Eysines: Slightly flattened, round 10-15 lb fruit has a gorgeous salmon-peach colored skin that is covered with large peanut looking warts! The sweet orange flesh is used in France for soups and also can be baked.


New England Sugar & Pie: 3-4 pound pumpkin has smooth flesh great for baking and is the perfect size for pies.


Long Island Cheese: A long-time favorite of Long Island, these flat buff colored pumpkins are excellent for pies. Good Keeper. 6-10 lbs.


Marina Di Chioggia: Heirloom sea pumpkin from Chioggia on the cost of Italy. This deep blue-green bumpy pumpkin has a rich sweet-tasting yellow orange flesh perfect in baked goods and pies. 10 lbs.


And Many More!




Available mid August through October


Lodi: (ripens early July) A very early baking variety that ripens in July. Lodi is extremely tart and dry and is superb for pie making. Must keep refrigerated after picking


Gala: (mid Aug) A mild flavored sweet crisp early apple with a golden background and red stripes. Best for fresh eating but can be used for a variety of other purposes. Good shelf life if refrigerated, but must be picked with care as they bruise easily.


Blondee: (mid Aug) A modern Golden Delicious type cultivar, Blondee has the same golden yellow color as a Golden Delicious, with it's own distinct sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Good as a fresh eater or a dessert apple, it has a more bruise resistant flesh that allows it to be put in storage for short periods.


Honeycrisp: (late Aug) One of the most popular varieties currently grown in America, Honeycrisp has a greenish skin mostly covered in a red blush, a firm texture and a flavor that is a perfect combination of sweet and tart. Favored as a fresh eater, it stores well in a cool dry environment.


Fuji: (early Sept) Named after Mt. Fuji by it's Japanese breeders, Fuji is a cross of two old American varieties that yields a lovely red blushed apple popular around the world. Dense and crisp with a sweet flavor they are an excellent fresh eater, and have a long storage life. Also good baked or sauced.


Golden Delicious: (Sept) A sweet golden yellow apple that was the 'golden standard' for all purposes over several decades, it's still one of the most popular apples in the US. An excellent apple for saucing, juicing and baking it is also a favorite for fresh eating. Bruises easily and is not a good storage apple.


Jonagold: (Sept) A cross between the old-fashioned Jonathan apple and a Golden Delicious, this yellow-green apple with a red blush has great flavor and juicy crisp flesh that make it a wonderful eater, which also sauces and bakes well. It has a large size and easily bruised skin.


Granny Smith: (Oct) A rounded bright green apple that is very hard and crisp. With a lightly dry tart flavor Granny is very good for baking but can also be enjoyed fresh or in juice. It stores well and resists bruising.


Braeburn: (Oct) easily recognizable for it's unique oblong shape, this light green apple with a red blush has a spicy sweet flavor, and is very versatile. Good as a fresh eater it bakes very well and can be stored in a cool dry place for a few months to enjoy through the winter


Cameo: (Oct) A farm favorite, this newer variety has an old fashioned sweet-tart flavor and beautiful bi-color striping that creates more fans each year. Large size with crisp juicy flesh it is excellent for cooking but so good fresh it rarely lasts that long! Good for winter storage.