Available in October


Big Apple: 6-8" across with a unique apple shape and a mottled green color these gourds are great for fall crafting projects.


Mixed: An exciting mix of star small shaped, winged and warted gourds, that are attractive and interesting for fall decoration. Many solid colors as well as striped and spotted variations are found among the mix, as well as a great size range. Perfect for your fall decor.





Available in October


Buttercup: A sweet winter squash, known for high quality, dry flesh, a flattish top and a dark green color. Excellent for eating roasted with butter.


Acorn: Three varieties of acorn squash with excellent eating quality: Multiple varieties from solid white to multy colored for your eating and decorating delight.  Excellent plain or stuffed with sausage and bread crumbs. Stores 3-4 months.


Butterfly: A smaller 3.5 pound butternut, fine grained orange flesh, good uniform traditional butternut shape. Great for eating roasted with butter or in baked goods.


Blue Magic: Small Blue Hubbard, weighs 4-6 pounds, the same coloring and great eating qualities as a normal size Hubbard, with a fine-grained, tasty flesh. Perfect for eating fresh baked with butter.


Delicata: Delicate, sweet squash excellent for stuffing with sausage and bread crumbs or even made into squash fries.


Sunshine: Sweet, nutty tasting, smooth and stringless flesh, 3-4 pound flattened round fruit, stores well, has a bright red-orange rind.


Primavera: An excellent spaghetti type squash weighing approx 2 1/2 pounds.  Excellent with butter or marinara in place of pasta.


And Many, Many More!