Available Mid June through July


Duke: An early light blue berry that is firm with a mild flavor that sweetens with refrigeration. This large berry keeps well and is great fresh, frozen, or preserved.


Toro: Our largest berry, Toro is firm with a mild flavor and grows in large easy to pick clusters. A medium blue this is a great all purpose berry ripening right behind Duke.


Draper: A large darker blue berry with a crisp and sweet flavor. Draper is firm and has an excellent shelf life. Good for all uses but excellent flavor for baking.


Chandler: The largest berry available, Chandler is often larger than a quarter in size. With a mild sweet flavor and a great texture it's sure to be a favorite as it quickly fills buckets in early July.


Planting in fall 2018-- small amounts will be ripe for 2019 season.


Pink Lemonade: Full of antioxidants, its novel pink color is the main attraction for this berry, but its sweet blueberry taste is a winner as well. Great for fresh eating and desserts. Mid to late season berry.


Last Call: A late variety that extends the blueberry season into late July.  A large light blue berry with exceptional flavor and firmness excellent for fresh eating and freezing.