About  Us

Our farm is located in the beautiful fertile Yakima valley just north of Grandview, Washington. We, Bill and Julie Michener, own and operate the farm along with six of our nine children.  Having both been raised in the valley just a few miles away amidst other productive farms we dreamed of the day we could have our own farm. Bill, a second generation orchardist with many years of experience in orchard and row crop farming, handles all aspects of the farm production and management while Julie 'keeps the home fires burning', teaches the school tours and offers the creative vision that keeps things fresh and fun.


Our children have always been involved in our farm and as they've grown older they have taken on more and more responsibility for day to day operations. Our oldest three children are now grown and are working off the farm, but our younger 6 are growing up quickly and handily cover many jobs at our farm and are an essential part of our operation. Living and working here on the farm as a family has been a rich blessing in all our lives. While visiting, our hope is that you see God's handiwork in the orchards, in the fields and in the hearts of our family. Our God has sustained and built our business beyond what we ever imagined possible and we are grateful for His daily love and mercy in our lives.


Although our family has only lived and farmed here since 1994, the first orchards, consisting of golden delicious apples and Bing and Van cherries, were planted on the farm by the White family in the mid 1960's. With our careful biological farming practices we are still picking remnants of those fields today. Since we came we have expanded the farm and planted more cherry and apple varieties and have added organic blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  We also have planted biologically grown strawberries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and apples, as well as conventionally grown pumpkins, squash and a corn maze bringing our total production to 70 acres. Watch for pears and asparagus we have planted that will be coming into production in the next couple of seasons! Winter 2018 brought a planting of a grove of hazelnuts.


It is our goal that with the use of sustainable, biological farming practices, our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren will be able to keep Bill's Berry Farm in healthy production for your future generations. We believe in healthy eating, thus healthy farming, and we treat our farm like an extension of our family's large natural yard and garden. In that regard, we strive to provide you with some of the best fresh, healthy produce the valley has to offer.


We also think 'unplugged' time outdoors is vitally important to health and well being and want to encourage family togetherness by providing a wholesome farm setting for your family to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We hope that Bill's Berry Farm will be a place that all ages and generations can come to enjoy the farm life we are privileged to enjoy every day.


We look forward to the future growth and expansion of Bill's Berry Farm over the coming years. Our ideas are big and our list is long.  We invite you and your family to grow with us.