Farm Fresh Produce & Family Fun

Bill's Berry Farm is a small family farm located in the beautiful Yakima Valley of eastern Washington. We specialize in 'Farm Fresh Produce and Family Fun' and would love to have your family come pick some of our organically and biologically grown fruit, fresh from the field!

Upick Hours!

 Regular summer Upick hours are:

Mon to Thurs 4pm to 8pm, Fri & Sat 9am to 5pm

Please see our PET POLICY below!

CURRENT UPICK: Blackberry, Raspberry, yellow & white peach, donut peach, nectarine and Gala, Blondee & RubyMac apples! See details below!

Apple Festival

Saturday Aug 31, Monday Sept 2, Saturdays Sept 7, 14 and 21 10am to 5pm

No Admission Fee - all activities are pay-as-you-go

Upick apples, peaches and raspberries, squeeze-your-own cider and fun activities and food for the whole family!

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Currently in Season


Please call farm phone 509-882-3200 to see what is available today before driving out!


All fruit grown with

biological farming methods


Blackberries & Raspberries (certified organic & biologically grown)

U-pick $3.35/lb,

We Pick pt $6, 1/2 flat $24, flat $44


 Peaches (Coral Star, PF-007, PF24 and White Lady) (biologically grown)

Upick $1.25  We pick $24/20lb box or $2.25/lb


 Nectarines (biologically grown)

Upick $1.25  We pick $24/20lb box or $2.25/lb


 Donut Peaches (biologically grown)

Upick $1.55/lb.  No we pick available


 Gala, Blondee & Ruby Mac Apples (biologically grown)

Upick $1.35  We pick $25/20lb box or  $1.85/lb





Available from Freezer



Organic Blueberries

2019 Crop $18/4 lb bag


Organic Blackberries

2019 Crop $17/3lb bag


Frozen Take-n-Bake Pies 
   Triple Berry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Peach, Peach/Blueberry Crumble Top & Heritage Apple

Mini 5" $8,  Large 9" $24

Pet Policy

We have a strict NO PETS policy! Please leave your pets at home for their comfort.

We DO allow properly restrained and trained Service Dogs.  Please stop at the Farm Store and check in. Food Safety Regulations do not allow dogs in the field. Thank you!